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      2. Mr Julian :+86 15965323311


        The most in 2019 star product, the user high praise! Top selling!

        GSF40 concrete separator is our company's latest R&D environmental protection equipment ,which is a professional wet concrete separator and reclaimer.
        1.Fastest treatment efficiency in industry ,10times capacity higher than traditional concrete reclaimer. makes concrete separating much cleaner and more rapid.
        2.Global exclusive screening, sand washing and stone washing trinity, is a powerful function environmental friendly product.
        3.We won 6national patent technologies of proprietary intellectual property rights ,and we promise warranty period 3years.
        4.Open structure design, more convenient for use and maintenance.


        ABOUT ENPU

        Qingdao ENPU environmental equipment Co.,Ltd. has been the biggest manufacturer of environmental equipment in Jiangbei District.Our R & D Teams with more than 50 people is the most professional team in domestic.Our company owes two R & D Centers and we have signed the long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Foreign R & D institutions. We have more than 10 national patents and 30 certificates of honor issued by National and Industry Association.Our G40 concrete reclaimer created by ourselves is the first brand in China,ranked the first at the annual sales volume of domestic,breaked the monopoly of foreign brands in one fell swoop.Now we have become the leader on the range of concrete reclaimer.

        CONTACT US

        Qingdao ENPU environmental equipment Co.,Ltd.

        Address:Yu Huang Ling Industrial Park in Qingdao District of Chengyang
        Mr Julian :+86 15965323311
        About Us | Hot Product | Products Show | Contact Us
        Copyright Qingdao ENPU environmental equipment Co.,Ltd.
        Linkman:Mr.wang Phone number:18563927892 / 15275429888
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